Benefits of Dreamignite

Are you a confused youth who wants to take on every profession that your favourite actor enacts? Alternatively, are you under your dad’s pressure to follow his dreams? On the other hand, are you genuinely feeling doubtful whether you can pursue your dream career? Alternatively, are you good at everything that every option seems right for you? Alternatively, are you genuinely wondering what you want to do with your life?

Accurate assessments

Max did not know what is meant by flexibility while he was always been called a blockhead. As you go in successive progression of testing, one can to make an introspective view of one self. Our success is in connecting the findings with the job requirements.

Experienced Consultancy services

How good if it’s from an employer himself suggesting on employability? You get help from a seasoned person in the management field who is an expert in the job recruitment, training and team development of personnel.

Customized guidance

Does the hassle free admission stories of a few lucky students excite you or why are some students flooded with opportunities? Awareness is the key. There is one to one guidance on course / university selection tailored to each ones specialization and affordability

Skill development activities

How resilient are you in facing a crisis situation during an interview? Guided job readiness activities are for the candidate to get trained by doing rather than lecturing.

International outlook

How I wish I had a taste of an international student community .Experience and knowledge of cross cultural travel, admission procedures, policies and regulations helps you to seek jobs or studies outside the country.

On Career counseling

Traditionally a career counselor is an important source of useful information for the client who is seeking a job. In the present world of interactive and interdisciplinary job arena, career counselor coaches the client to be upfront, proactive in approach and to see opportunities in every adversity, keeping ones self-esteem high .

On Career assessment

Career assessment is mainly online these days. There is growing need for quicker results. The candidate can access tests on computers and mobiles. They co-operate with the career counselor through various self-assessment forms and tests much before they reach the employer and the interview. The career assessment methods are more of interactive and engaging for the candidate to which he has to submit with full conviction and honesty.

On Right career

Right career is the combination of our personal attributes, interests, values, work skills, expectations of benefits and remunerations, chances of career growth and our education level. The psychometric tests helps you to combine these knowledge with your goals to take on the right field.


Courses offered by Certified Training Partner of IBCCES ensures standards for Global recognition and acceptance. Stand apart with IBCCES certifications received after exams of IBCCES with approved courses for required CEU from DreamIgnite.