SPED : Term used for special education in the individuals with Disabilities Education that is defined as specially developed education to improve the student's chances for success. (Read More...)

Learning styles

Learning style defines whether a person is a conceptual or a logical learner. The learner might use visual or verbal cues or call upon his experiential cues to anchor things. If he is an imaginative learner he can assimilate facts in a more engaging way. Recall is the most important factor in learning. Cue based learning will enhance better recall. People use a combination of factors to retain and recall what they have learned to create a strong knowledge base. This test will give an idea of the leaning style you have followed or still following to achieve the learningThinking style is how you assimilate the knowledge and how well you practically apply it to new situations. It also is a measure of how you welcome new situations with a confidence in your ideas and how far you rely on your existing knowledge base to face a new situation. The questionnaire is a nonjudgmental series of questions to best know your approach to new and existing situations. (Read More...)

On guidance and counsel

Its amazing to see networks , neurons firing back and forth, our brain responding to every stimuli as we see from this conduction of impulses. Isn't the networks remind us of the umpteen pathways and destinations on the globe! Destinations beckoning us in unique ways.! We are the map to assist you reach the destination. A journey well begun is half done and a path well laid out is like done. (Read More...)