How do I purchase special education series?(Special Education Training Material)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnVT52A1tq0- How to purchase dream ignite special ed series?

What is Dream Ignite special Education Series(Special Education Training Material)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--h-t4stqc8- What is dreamIgnite Special Education series

Is it ok that I have a rough idea of what I should do in future?(General)

You might have a rough idea about your future or you are simply trying to mimic the success of your friend or a role model, it is necessary that you need to be aware of your personal and financial needs. With an external agency there is more objectivity to your goals as all these factors along with you t interests and attitude is being processed for a better decision making. Further we often are victims of our own views and values, we fail to perceive the opportunities surrounding us which is best pointed out by someone else.

How do you help me in deciding about my future(General)

We help you to be better with self-awareness, making you knowledgeable about the jobs and occupations. We engage you in a constant decision making process and help you to be active managers in pursuing your future.

Why some times a change is necessary for meeting your career goals?(General)

 It can be that the position in your job demands a change of skills, following a change of situation, it can be a better adjustment proposition that you are facing in your work environment, or a total shift to a new job with a different set of requisites, or a career advancement by up gradation. Regardless of the circumstances there is a one to one guidance given to each one. Planning and coping lies at the very core of any career change. We help you to achieve this in a smooth transition.

Why do we need a customized care for career development?(General)

Our motivations, interests and background is most unique to us and the needs of the employer, most unique to the organization. The best fit is achieved through customized career planning where the requisites of both parties are met amicably.

Is it possible to chart out a career at so young an age?(General)

Career development is a process that starts young and continues a life time through a series of well made decisions to suit your goals your roles and your financial needs.  When this orientation starts at a young age your choices are more matured and planned and you are no longer wasting your years in a wrong course or a job. You are on a constant move towards being a valuable contributing person to the wellbeing of a society.

How does it help me to explore international arena of studies and job market?(General)

World is becoming a global village with mixed background  and cultures work in tandem or work for each other. It’s of great importance to be aware of the needs and qualifications of another country and policies suited to study or work there. More and more areas are overlapping and country boarders merging through collaborative and on line job opportunities. This will help the candidate to be a global citizen.

How do i select a university(General)

Your exact area of study  and course of study has to be set before searching the Institute . The requirements of the Institute are when met by the candidate, he can go ahead and apply to the Institute and fee details can be enquired upon.

How to do the tests in the package?(General)

While attempting to do a package attempt all the tests without leaving anything and submit each one while you do. The tests altogether might take 3 hours , so attempt the tests with a proper mindset to bring in genuine answers as some of the questions has no right or wrong answer but a true representation of you.