Ride with me 2 A,B,C.

To teach children to read 

Price  : र 3000

Validity : 3 Months

About Course: In sets of 5 and  having average of 20 words , the exercise covers 100 words their meanings , and spellings.

Course Overview

The course is set with 7 different goals.
Goal 1 Attention building
Learning to attend to pictures .
Goal 2. Vocabulary development.
Naming Common words and understanding prepositions
Goal 3. Understanding commands.
Learning to answer instructions and commands.
Goal 4  .Letter Identification
Learning to notice spelling
Goal 5. Sequencing .
Learning to sequence letters.
Goal 6. Contextual comprehension.
Reading with the help of context.
Goal 7. Reading
Better recognition of words that will motivate to reading.

Associated Trial Exams:

Exam TitleNumber of QuestionsExam Duration
Can I spell 101800:30:00
Can I spell 72100:30:00
Can I spell-81100:30:00
Can I spell 92000:30:00
Can I spell -62500:30:00