Ride with me 1

To teach children read and add vocabulary effortlessly.

Price  : र 3000

Validity : 3 Months

About Course: This exercise of multiple choice covers 30 words in an aim to learn to spell ,and also  add contextual meaning to the words through vibrant pictures.

Course Overview

The course is set with 7 different goals.
Goal 1 Attention building
Learning to attend to pictures .
Goal 2. Vocabulary development.
Naming Common words and understanding prepositions
Goal 3. Understanding commands.
Learning to answer instructions and commands.
Goal 4  .Letter Identification
Learning to notice spelling
Goal 5. Sequencing .
Learning to sequence letters.
Goal 6. Contextual comprehension.
Reading with the help of context.
Goal 7. Reading
Better recognition of words that will motivate to reading.

Associated Trial Exams:

Exam TitleNumber of QuestionsExam Duration
Can I spell 1
Can I spell 2
Can I spell 3
Can I spell 4
Can I spell 5