How to know more on course or career related queries?(General)

Career related queries are dealt over through one to one telephonic counseling after contacting the admin at info@dreamignite.co. Charges apply.

What does IBCCES stand for?(IBCCES)

International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards.USA.
IBCCES adheres to international standards for boards that grant professional credentials. The IBCCES certification procedures and content undergo various reviews and validation, pursuant to the professions that are eligible for certification, as well as standards established by content experts in the field.

What does IBCCES Certified Training Partner means?(IBCCES)

The companies which have been approved to provide CE hours to IBCCES certification applicants.IBCCES reviews the training courses provided and approved by the board of IBCCES is made available through the Certified Training Partner for the required CE hours by aspirants while applying for Certification Exams.

How can I find the IBCCES certification process(IBCCES)

To understand the detailed process please visit https://ibcces.org/certification-process/
Alternatively can write to Email:  info@ibcces.org with the names and email addresses to reply.

Where can i find IBCCES Autism Competency Exam description?(IBCCES)

Please visit https://ibcces.org/competency-exam/ for details.